The Powerlifting Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Has this ever happened to you in your training?


Things are chugging along brilliantly.


And suddenly, they’re not.


You’ve just been the victim or SOTS – Sudden Onset Training Syndrome.

The symptoms are vast and varied and the outcomes are the same – all of your hard work and training efforts seemingly vanish, overnight.


It goes something like this: you inadvertently experience an issue in your training; Maybe it’s a few training sessions gone wrong, or it’s a full on plateau. Or, perhaps you’ve come off of a meet with less than expected results, or maybe you’ve experienced and injury and are on the road to recovery.


Regardless of the cause or the symptoms, your outcomes propel you to scour the web, seeking articles and blogs, podcasts and You Tube vids looking for that certain something – that gem or stroke of powerlifting insight – to help you understand and hopefully overcome what you are experiencing.


Perhaps you’ve even had success in finding information or ideas in which to incorporate into your regime to potentially help you overcome your current training challenges.


Suddenly, after reading an article, or watching a video, you feel better.


Ahhh, knowledge.


Ohhhh, inspiration.


Of course! This seems exactly like what you’ve needed all along!


And, it seems as if there is not only a new training technique, programming gem or even community inspirational video, photo or meme for every mood, of every day.


And perhaps this is good enough, for you!


But, what if it’s not.


What is knowledge (or inspiration for that matter) is not enough power, for you?


The reality is that the saying, “Knowledge is power” isn’t entirely true.


Let me explain.


Iron Sisters™ is dedicated to helping you increase your Powerlifting Knowledge through the best Powerlifting Education experiences in the world.

And during Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp, or Iron Sisters USA’s Training Camps, we strategically take this knowledge seeking opportunity and turn it into something that will exponentially benefit all of those in attendance – we apply it!

Right then and there – in specific training sessions designed to imprint the techniques taught to improve your squat, bench press and deadlift – we put into practice what we have just learned.

You see, we understand that within the power equation, application is essential!


And, in order to do this two things are essential:


  1. Time
  2. Persistence


Few of us will ever set a national record, or win a world championships on our first outing. It’s likely that we’ll have had to learn something new and apply that newfound knowledge in order to accomplish a better outcome.


It’s the reason that I, (and many others), preach the ‘powerlifting is a marathon, not a sprint’ mantra.


True power in this powerlifting journey is to be had through acquiring knowledge and then implementing, over and over and over, again.


Even World Champions continue to learn, and grow by being mentored and by continually working on their weaknesses.


Talk about persistence that we can learn from!


Since 2014, Iron Sisters™ (and now with the help of Iron Sisters USA) has reached over 240 gals like you, in our hands on camps and seminars.

I know that we can only reach a limited number in our current format, and this won’t change anytime soon because we believe that it is the absolute best way to increase your powerlifting knowledge and your powerlifting totals, too!

The reality is that unless the stars fully align in your life you may never have the chance to attend Strength Camp. As much as our powerlifting community is enthusiastic about, and as beneficial as Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp, or Iron Sisters USA’s Training Camps are, we just can’t get to all of you!


Enter the next best option: Strength Camp, The Video.



We documented on video as much as we possibly could during the course of our 2015 and 2016 Strength Camps. When it was all said and done, we realized that we had nearly 11 hours of instructional video from these events!


If you’ve missed the chance to attend any of our multiple offerings since 2014 in person, you can now access the very best of Strength Camp’s teachings and trainings with the complete Strength Camp 2.0 & 3.0 Squat, Bench and Deadlift Edition


Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp is now available for everyone to experience a powerlifting education like no other:


Featuring IPF World Champions and record holders Rhaea Stinn, Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary, Jennifer Thompson and Kimberly Walford along with a stellar supporting cast of coaches, you will gain technical and practical advice that you can implement right away to make you a better squatter, bencher and deadlifter, both in the gym and on the competition platform.

Don’t attempt to pursue your powerlifting goals without giving yourself the expertise, knowledge and know-how from the strongest women in the world. Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp, The Video will ensure you have the tools to accomplish all that your body is capable of, in the gym and on the powerlifting platform.


What are you waiting for?


To attend Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp in person our participants paid $397 in 2015 and $547 in 2016. You can have nearly all the knowledge benefits of both those camps for a fraction of these prices.


And, once you invest, you will have access to this knowledge, for LIFE! Come back to these videos for a refresher, some motivation or just some basic tips on how to perfect your lifts.




There’ll be no more need for searching for random articles or videos when you next experience a bout of SOTS!


There is so much information packed into the nearly 11 hours of video that you won’t be able to absorb it all at once!


Here’s what we covered at Strength Camp 2.0 that you too can have access to:


Our Celebrity Coaches including Rhaea Stinn, Jennifer Thompson and Kimberly Walford covered the competition lifts in detail during their expert seminar presentations.


Then, our Celebrity Coaches were joined by a team made up of some of the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s finest Athlete-Coaches, many World and Canadian Champions including Tom Kean, Chris Fudge, Ryan Stinn and Sarah Leighton.



Our breakout training sessions broke down each lift and allowed our athletes some serious hands on coaching and instruction in the fundamental of both competition and accessory lifts including:


The Squat:

  • Full Competition Squatting,
  • Pause Squats,
  • Box Squats,
  • Highbar Squats,
  • Banded and Chain Squats,
  • Knee Wrapped Squats and
  • Squat Accessory Work.


The Bench Press:

  • Full Competition Bench Press Descent of the Bar and Ascent of the Bar,
  • Board and Slingshot/Ram Press,
  • Banded/Chain Pressing,
  • Pin Presses,
  • T-shirt Press and
  • Arch and Accessory work.


The Deadlift

  • Full Competition Conventional and Sumo Deadlift,
  • Banded Deads,
  • Block Pulls,
  • Deficit Deads,
  • Grip/Lockout Work and
  • Accessory Deadlift Exercises.

We changed things up at Strength Camp 3.0 and opened up the Break Out training sessions to allow for a less structured, but equally effective teaching and implementing of our Celebrity Coaches best practices. Coaches Sioux-Z Hartwig-Gary, Jennifer Thomspon and Kimberly Walford each presented their technical expertise and then were joined by Rhaea Stinn, Ryan Stinn and Matt Gary on the gym floor to put it all in practice.

Also included in these videos are our Iron Sisters™ Signature Coaches Q&A Panels which are an integral part of Strength Camp. Imagine being able to ask a group of experienced lifters and coaches anything- yep, absolutely anything about training, nutrition, competition, and their coaching and training philosophy.


They say we only retain about 10% of the information shared with us at any given seminar or coaching session. Retention is a key piece to learning. But remember, even more important is implementing. By having a lifetime access to Strength Camp, The Video, you will have the opportunity to key in on specific lifts, and pieces of the lift that you need to study. You can then go into the gym and apply this knowledge right away, knowing that you can come back at any time to add more insights to further your powerlifting education.

This week I’m celebrating my 44 birthday, and in conjunction, over 24 years of being in the iron game. And you know what? Even I continue to learn new things at each and every Iron Sisters™ and Iron Sisters USA event I attend!



I know it might not be feasible for you to attend a future Iron Sisters™ or Iron Sisters USA event despite doing our best to reach to as many areas around North America that we can. But, why shouldn’t you get the chance to grow your powerlifting knowledge? This is why I am offering you the easiest opportunity to join our Iron Sisters Community.


Don’t spend another minute of your time arming yourself with random articles or videos or ‘inspirational memes’ if you aren’t also investing in the kind of knowledge that will accrue real powerlifting gains over time!


Do consider investing in your powerlifting education for the lowest price ever offered since these videos were produced.


What does it cost to educate a powerlifter?


Less than you might think.


Strength Camp, The Video regularly sells for $97.


Buy Strength Camp, The Video today for only $44.


This is the absolute lowest price you will ever see in celebration of my 44th birthday, and in celebration of my commitment to continue to bring to you the very best in powerlifting education opportunities and knowledge that I can.


What are you waiting for? The time for increasing your powerlifting knowledge, and your total, is now!!


Click this link and use my special birthday promo code: 44YEARSSTRONG to access this POWERLIFTING GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, and start learning and implementing now!


In your pursuit of strength,

Frances Manias

Iron Sisters CSA (Chief Strength Advocate)