Powerlifting Family

When Iron Sisters™ was born, I didn’t really know all of the ‘whats’ or ‘hows’ or ‘whys’.

And, although the motto of Iron Sisters™ : Strength to go it alone, but Sisterhood is better. resonated with me, I wasn’t entirely certain what it really meant.

And then, as time went on, I kept hearing about the ‘Family of Powerlifting’ and I started to “get it”. What was originally just a concept was actually a very real experience: I was being blessed in my powerlifting journey by those around me; My Iron Sisters™ and brothers – my family.

And then, I saw it too.



Right there before my eyes I saw them – even though I didn’t see them – at the time, that is.

My life partner is a marathon swimmer. The sport of marathon swimming seems like a solitary endeavor – one swimmer in the water, doing the training, responsible for physically and mentally getting to the other side of a body of water. Solo. But the reality is that the swimmer is supported. There are crew, pacers, coaches, boat drivers, observers, cheerleaders – without whom the “solo” swim would not be possible.

Are you solo on the platform? Not really. There are others out there with you. Take a closer look at the photo above. There are some of my family members in that image.

And, there are others on my journey. I have many.

You might think that you are alone on this journey, but trust me when I say that you aren’t alone – or you certainly don’t have to be.

In fact, this is ultimately why Iron Sisters™ is here.

There is a verse in the Bible that goes something like this: “As iron sharpens iron, so does one [sister] another” Proverbs 27:17

When iron blades are scraped together, each becomes sharper and thus more effective. And, I’m sure that you’ve experienced this with people, too.

In my world, this is not accidental. I have to make it happen.

And, you can make it happen in your life, too.

Making the decision to surround yourself with like-minded women in your pursuit of strength can be YOUR first step to making this transpire.

My high school basketball coach said, “A long time after you’ve forgotten the scores, you will remember the people.”

This is truly what Iron Sisters™ is all about.

Do you want the opportunity to experience this in your life?

If so, our registration for Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp 4.0 will be opening soon.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, as we will sell out extremely quickly.

Joining us are all the three IronSistersUSA Coaches:

We will guarantee you will experience a weekend like no other.

In the last few years, Iron Sisters™ have come together to immerse themselves in the fundamentals of powerlifting, but they’ve taken away much, much more:

  1. We’ve celebrated our passion for lifting;
  2. We’ve recognized how to become more coachable;
  3. We’ve identified the importance of mindset and mental toughness;
  4. We’ve learned how to train for consistently setting and achieving milestones;
  5. We’ve gained confidence; and
  6. We’ve became equipped to reach for bigger goals.

This weekend of dedicated training and learning will open the door to YOUR endless possibilities in strength.

Here is what a few gals have said about Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp:

“I still can’t believe that a World Champion Lifter coached me yesterday; what an incredible experience.” Laura Y.

“Simply put, there are no words to describe how much the [Iron Sisters™] experience brought to my life, in so many ways. Thank you!!” Julie D.

 Our 2017 Iron SistersStrength Camp is bigger and better.  It takes place July 21st, 22nd and 23rd in Hamilton, Ontario!  And we’re inviting YOU to join us!

It’s almost too good to be true! Three of the absolute best female powerlifters in the World – in one place, at one time – and YOU have the chance to meet and learn from each of them! Save this date and plan to attend, as you don’t want to miss this unique experience!

Space is extremely limited for this hands-on training event. So, if you plan on attending, our Iron Sisters Facebook page and stay posted for Early Bird registration details and your chance to register.

We promise that you will be stronger, and that you will learn how to unlock your strength and powerlifting goals, once and for all.

The community is growing. The community is YOU!

In Strength, Frances Manias

P.S. The 2017 Iron SistersStrength Camp promises to be the best ever. And, we promise to help YOU accomplish your strength goals, no matter what they might be! See you at Iron Sisters Strength Camp July 21- 23 2017!