Impossible is Nothing

Has anyone ever asked you why you powerlift?

Maybe you’ve been sincerely asked why it is that you “spend so much time in the gym”? Or perhaps you’ve been asked why you squat, bench press and deadlift?

Have people said things like, “Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt? getting big? looking like a man?”

There was one moment for me – perhaps the top powerlifting moment of 2016 and all of powerlifting history for that matter – that puts all of those queries and subsequent responses to rest.

It was IPF Champion Wie-Ling Chen’s 210 kg squat (weighing a mere 47 kg) at the IPF Open World Powerlifting Championships this past November.

Yep, the answer to all of those questions lays in a squat.

This was no ordinary squat, however.

This is a squat that might’ve felt like the world on her shoulders (especially when she had to re-rack and un-rack three times before getting the squat command).

And then she squatted it.

It’s a video worth watching again.

And again. And again.

Watch it.

What do you see? What do you feel?

Do you think what Wei-Ling Chen did was difficult, challenging, or unbelievable? Perhaps you even think it’s impossible?

Adidas ran an add campaign back in 2004, right around the time of the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

“Impossible is Nothing”.


I remember the resonance of that statement.

There weren’t fireworks, or crowds cheering.

There weren’t people watching me or even cheering for me in the gym (I was bodybuilding competitively back then).

Yet for me, in my solitude sport, I endeavoured to live by this motto – not just in the gym, but in life, too!

The next time someone asks you why you do what you do: Show them this video.

Yes! Share it!


Because Wei-Ling Chen’s feat of strength shows all of us that so much of the seemingly impossible is indeed possible.

Why do you squat, bench press and deadlift?

Because maybe you too are seeking the possibilities that can come from the seemingly impossible.

And that my friends is the best reason why.

Here is to your why and to your possibilities, in powerlifting and in life, in 2017!



Iron Sisters, Chief Strength Advocate


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