We Believe, Our Iron Sisters™ Statement of Sisterhood


Iron Sisters™ are here to


Our Passion

For Strength and


Accepting the Challenge

to get Better

by Training Hard

with Practice

and Perseverance  

and Habit



that to be our Best

to Compete

to build Muscle

to Squat

to Bench

to Deadlift

our Best

we gotta Lift

we gotta Eat

we gotta Repeat

because anything worth having 

is worthy of our


Our Blood

Our Sweat

Our Tears

So we Grunt

we Laugh

we Love

we Dream

and in the process

we become Free

we share in our Victories

we stand as Champions

we are a Team

we are FAMILY.

“High Fives” my fellow Iron Sisters!

Now let’s go lift!!





Do you want the opportunity to experience the Sisterhood of Powerlifting in your life? Join us at one of the upcoming IronSistersUSA Training Camps or Seminars or plan to attend our July 21-23, 2017 Strength Camp 4.0. Stay connected to our Iron Sisters™ Facebook page for our Early Bird registration announcement.