Celebrities Present & Coach

Iron Sisters Strength Camp Features Celebrity Presenter and Coach

Kimberly Walford

Kimberly is a fourteen-year veteran of the sport of powerlifting who has amassed more records and titles than we can list here (you can find her bio on the Iron Sisters website). Beyond her platform victories, Kimberly’s strength lays in her humble ability to motivate and encourage anyone to achieve their best, beyond what they can dream, or imagine.

Our line-up of World Class Presenters and Coaches also includes:

  • Canadian Strongman (three-time Ontario’s Strongest Man) and Coach Paul Vaillancourt
  • Canadian Powerlifting Champion and Coach Sarah Leighton
  • Life Coach Renee Willis, The Redhead who helps YOU Rock, Every, Day!
  • Canadian Powerlifting Champion and Coach Mark Giffin (and newly minted Canadian Powerlifting President)
  • The multi-talented Dr. Aras Kvedaras who has a unique ability to determine failing muscles, highlight the mechanisms and movements responsible, and can then make us instantly stronger!

Stay tuned as we are adding more Presenters and Coaches to our line-up. Full Coach Bios to come!

The Other Details

The New Iron Sisters Strength Camp Agenda

Saturday July 26th, 2014

Hamilton, Ontario


Featuring Celebrity Coach and Presenter Kimberly Walford

Our Revised One Day Format still fulfills the Iron Sisters’ mandate: an opportunity for like-minded women to gather and be coached and inspired by some of the best in their respective fields. From Biomechanics to Mindset coaching, from the Physiology to the Psychology of strength, power and physique, Iron Sisters Strength Camp is for ANY woman who is seeking to gain knowledge and insight into how she can get better.

Our original intent was to present our Inaugural Iron Sisters Strength Camp as a two day event. The reason? We wanted as many women to benefit from the experience as possible. In order to make this happen, we planned for a large event format in a hotel ballroom for our conference, along with a special VIL (Very Important Lifter) Stream to allow for those wanting a more intimate and training focused experience.

Because of this, the cost of the event was set at $197 and $397 respectively.

Now we have the opportunity to offer our event to you at a reduced cost!

Your Investment:


Due to the TRAINING EMPHASIS of the day, space is EXTREMELY limited!

WE ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR 24 women to have a training experience like no other!


Join 3-TIME WORLD CHAMPION AND IPF RECORD HOLDER KIMBERLY WALFORD as she shares her record breaking training and lifting techniques. Kimberly will offer insight and coach you on each lift: THE SQUAT, BENCH PRESS AND DEADLIFT, followed by

90 minutes of dedicated training time for each of these lifts.

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