What is Iron Sisters?

Iron Sisters are the strong women surrounding us. They are like-minded and, they are passionate about the Iron!

Iron Sisters are the women who are picking up their first barbell today, and those that have been lifting for years – when it wasn’t socially acceptable or encouraged.

Young and older, experienced, or not, our commonalities are such that          



Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton is an Iron Sister – perhaps the original Iron Sister harking back to her 1940’s feats of strength on Muscle Beach in California.

Sisters of influence include powerlifting/bodybuilding pioneer Bev Francis, aesthetic bodybuilding champion Laura Creavalle, and legendary bodybuilder Lenda Murray. But, the list does not stop there. In fact, these women are just the start.

Iron Sisters are more than those in our immediate circle, training facility or studio. They are all around us – in small towns and big cities, in countries around the world.

They are our spotters and motivators, our judges and our cheerleaders, our friends, competitors and teammates.

And for me, they include the women with whom I shared the stage in bodybuilding, and those against whom I am competing in powerlifting.

You see, when I was competing at the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships, while standing in line for weigh ins, I would marvel at the line up of women. All in incredible shape, all of us having prepared for our moment on-stage in different parts of the world, yet coming together for the same purpose.  It fascinated me that this phenomenon – despite cultural, political or religious differences – was real, and that I could be a part of it. Language barriers would often prevent us from communicating during the competition. The Internet was not yet what it is today, and so, we could only stay connected for that short period of time, until we met again the following year.

These communication barriers are now easily overcome. Today we have the ability to connect and stay connected, to share ideas, support each other, and to create community, all because of the wonder of technology.  For those of us in smaller regions, or in places of the world where our activities are still not supported or encouraged, having the chance to join with others who share the same ideas is an opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate our passion that the Iron provides.


Welcome, Sister. 

This is YOUR space.

These are YOUR Sisters.

This is YOUR community.

This is OUR family, OUR Sisterhood.

We look forward to getting to know you, and your story.

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