Iron Sisters USA

is-usa-logoI’m a self proclaimed advocate for women’s strength. The changes I’ve seen and experienced in my 2 decades of competing at the highest levels of the IFBB bodybuilding and IPF powerlifting circles have been astounding. I’ve been encouraged and at times overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of growth in the numbers of women participating in the iron game. For years, decades even, there were only a few of us in the free weight dungeons and barbell pits; today there are entire facilities and organizations, competitions and communities dedicated to women’s strength, powerlifting and bodybuilding. 

Thank you for posting your vids and images to share about the grind, your highs and lows, your PR’s and your setbacks. By doing so, know that you’ve inspired and created this community. And when other strength allies like Girls Who Powerlift and This is Female Powerlifting re-post your stories and experiences, your impact is exponential.

Iron Sisters is proud to celebrate the sisterhood of strength and the resulting impact: The sisterhood is growing, and growing stronger. More of us means that we need more opportunities – not just to compete, but to learn. And so, I am excited to announce yet another opportunity for building this great community of ours through learning from some of the best in the strength and powerlifting fields.

Iron Sisters U.S.A. is a new enterprise brought to you by none other than IPF World Champions Bonica Lough, Jennifer Thompson, Kimberly Walford and myself. These champions are equally committed to the cause of building the women’s powerlifting and strength community. We share the same focus on educating and enabling all women to become champions in their own iron goals – in the gym, on the local competition platform or on the world stage. Through a series of unique coaching opportunities, camps and seminars that are based in the United States, these Iron Sisters will bring you the very best of what has helped them become some of the strongest women in the world. Iron Sisters U.S.A. will be announcing our inaugural training camps set to begin in early 2017.

Don’t worry! Iron Sisters will continue to bring to you Iron SistersStrength Camp (which takes place each July in the greater Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area) and more!

We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming days about how you can secure your spot in the inaugural Iron Sisters U.S.A. Training Camp. img_6554

In the meantime, tell all of your friends (share this post!) and stay posted to IG and FB (be sure to follow @ironsisterhood and the champs Bonica Lough @bubblypowerlifter Kimberly Walford Kimberly C. Walford@trackfu and  Jennifer Weed Thompson @jenthompson132) for your chance to register!

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