Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer’s foray into powerlifting began in 1999. 

Her numbers speak for themselves:

4 x IPF Classic Powerlifting Champion (63kg)
3 x IPF Equipped Bench Press Champion
3 x IPF Classic Bench Press Champion
Highest IPF Points in the Bench Press for all lifter (male or female)
68 IPF World Records
Current IPF Classic Bench Press Record at 143 kg
IPF Hall of Fame Member
Precision Nutrition Level One Coach

USA Powerlifting Level One Coach

She has 11 IPF Open World Championship Titles to go with her 40 USAPL National Titles and 68 IPF World Records.

Her best lifts include a Raw/Classic Squat of 342 lbs, Raw Bench Press of 319.6 lbs (single lift) and 315.5 lbs (3 Lift/PL bench), Raw/Classic Deadlift of 457 lbs and a Raw/Classic Total of 1101 lbs.

Jennifer has Benched over 300 lbs a staggering 50 times in competition.

Does she aspire to bench a little more?


330 lbs, to be exact.

And, she is working toward retur

ning to the IPF Worlds to win that Classic Title, once again!

Powerlifting Quote: “It’s not supposed to be easy, so GO BIG or stay home”

A special thanks to her husband, coach, trainer and biggest supporter Donovan.

Keep up with Jennifer here:

IG, Twitter @jenthompson132
Facebook: 132 Pounds of Power
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