About Iron Sisters

“Strength to Go It Alone; but Sisterhood is Better”

Who are the Iron Sisters?

Iron Sisters are the strong women surrounding us. YOU are like-minded and, YOU are passionate about the Iron!  Iron Sisters are the women who are picking up their first barbell today, and those that have been lifting for years – when it wasn’t socially acceptable or encouraged.

Young and older, experienced, or not, our commonalities are such that WE HAVE THE STRENGTH TO GO IT ALONE, BUT KNOW THAT SISTERHOOD IS BETTER. And this is why I believe you are here today.

We are involved in the Iron Game, and powerlifting specifically, at a very exciting time. In a few short years we’ve seen the number of women – young and old – increase exponentially. And, not only are there MORE of us, but we are STRONGER THAN EVER!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is why Iron Sisters exists.

Between the OG Iron Sisters Strength Camps, and these 10 Training Camps, we’ve had over 325 women participate! 

When I first saw a video of Kimberly Walford deadlifting well over 500 pounds and Jennifer bench pressing well over 300 pounds, and Rhaea Stinn winning National Championship after National Championship, I knew that I needed to meet these women.

But, I just didn’t want this for myself. I wanted other women to see what they were doing, and I wanted them to know how important they were, for me and for all of us. This is why I am here, and I know that this is why you are here.

What is the Iron Sisterhood?

A community of like-minded women, where we encourage, learn and motivate in a safe, trusting and  encouraging atmosphere. Everyone is welcome – no matter your level or experience, your goals or dreams. Because that is what powerlifting allows. The #beautyofpowerlifting is such that a world champion can train with a gal picking up the barbell for the first time.

Iron Sisters is a growing and internationally recognized representation of this influential community of women (and men) in the world of powerlifting, and we want to continue to be on the leading edge of this community by supporting, educating and challenging all women in the Iron Sisterhood to new heights in the powerlifting and strength world.

The Iron Sisters Mission

  1. Develop and foster a COMMUNITY of women that support one another and who in turn will help it grow.
  2. Use our collective experiences to teach and mentor all women; meeting YOU where you are so that you can leave a better lifter than when you walked in the gym.
  3. Support ALL women: recognizing and celebrating that weight training, strength development and specifically powerlifting is for every woman no matter her size, strength, age or ability.

The Iron Sisters History

  • 2014 – Strength Camp began with 6-time World IPF Champion and record holding deadlifter, Kimberly Walford, along with a handful of coaches including Iron Sisters Founder Frances Manias, Paul Vaillancourt, Team Canada Member Sarah Leighton, Dr. Aras Kvedaras and World Champion Mark Giffin.
  • 2015 – We bought back Kimberly, along with fellow multiple-time IPF World Champion (and the top bench press athlete in the IPF) Jennifer Thompson, and Canadian (and former Junior IPF World) Champion Rhaea Stinn to present at Strength Camp 2.0. Tom Kean, Chris Fudge, Sarah Leighton and Ryan Stinn coached our hands-on lifting sessions while  Dr. Aras Kvedaras and his Active Relief team also joined us on the gym floor.
  • 2016 – Kimberly and Jennifer were joined by Sioux-Z Hartwig Gary – one of the most successful powerlifters in US history holding 25 National Titles. Ryan and Rhaea Stinn returned to coach on the gym floor and we had hosted a  special presentation by former powerlifter and Coach Krista Schaus.
  • 2017 – Strength Camp saw both Kimberly and Jennifer joined by Bonica Lough – World Record holder and multiple-time raw and equipped IPF World Champion. Our Associate Coaches included Canadian Champions Kacey Baines, Maria Htee, Dr. Joanna Rieber and Mark Giffin. Dr. Aras Kvedaras and his Active Relief team also joined us once again to contribute with his expertise in biomechanics and performance. 
  • 2017 – Iron Sisters USA was born – a partnering of the strongest women in the powerlifting world, each multiple time World Champions. 10 Training Camps and Seminars since then have been facilitated across the U.S. including Fremont, Nebraska, Los Angeles, California, Fort Mill, South Carolina, Long Island, New York, Santa Cruz, California, and San Antonio, Texas, Brooklyn, NY, Tacoma, Washington and Port St. Lucie, Florida.
  • 2018 – The 5th Edition of Strength Camp implemented a few additional pieces to allow even more women and girls the opportunity to participate. We initiated a seminar series to include topics like performance nutrition, longevity in lifting and mental toughness. And, we initiated our first LiveStream to Tape of Strength Camp. 
  • 2019 – Strength Camp Six included resident experts Rhaea Stinn, Jennifer Thompson and Kimberly Walford along with Krista Schaus, Shelley Colter and Dr. Aras Kvedaras all presenting on a variety of topics. Once again we broadcast our event via a LiveStream to Tape option on Facebook.

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