An important message from Iron Sisters Founder, Frances Manias

The last two months have posed many unknowns for all of us in the wake of the COVID-19 (Corona) Virus.

Back in March, Jennifer, Kimberly and I cancelled our one and only 2020 Iron Sisters USA Training Camps scheduled for May 1-3 in Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve been holding off making any decisions for as long as I can, and I have hoped that I would not have to make this announcement.

After much deliberation I have decided it’s in the best health and welfare interest of all of us that we cancel Iron Sisters Strength Camp 7 on July 10-12 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

At this time, it is foreseeable that travel will be difficult to navigate. Getting our coaching staff here to Ontario – Maria from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Rhaea from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Jennifer from North Carolina (when we aren’t even sure if borders will be open) – will likely be problematic.

Allowances for groups to meet is another concern. And, your own concerns about participation are also what I’ve considered in this decision making process.

I did consider postponing our event – pushing into August for example. However, I can only anticipate that the demands on your schedules will increase as we move past this crises and I don’t want to add to what will undoubtably become a busy fall.

We will be refunding all registrants payments ASAP in full – with the option for those wanting to hold their spot for 2021. I will reach out to each of you individually.

But now, the good news!

We were anticipating 2020 to be the year that we’d announce that a second Strength Camp would take place in one other Canadian location! This had been a long time coming! With the help of Bette Festing we were poised to run Strength Camp in Vancouver, British Columbia in October of 2020. We won’t count the possibility of this camp out just yet. However, the aforementioned scheduling and travel issues might prohibit us from launching this year.

And, we have even more good news! Our newly launched website is soon to be live and will continue to be actively developed into the community resource that I’ve always envisioned!

I’m excited to share some of our upcoming ideas and resources with you – including introducing you to our new Advisory Board, our Iron Sisters Approved Coaching Directory and more to come.

I hope that you’ve sensed and experienced both my passion and enthusiasm these last seven years as I’ve sought to spread the good news of Iron Sisters to hundreds of women across Canada and the United States.

Iron Sisters is more than Strength Camp. We are greater than a Facebook group or Instagram page. I’ve said it from the very beginning and I will say it again: We are a family.

It’s because of our amazing powerlifting family of coaches and athletes – all of you – that has made it possible to share our love of powerlifting and expand our Powerlifting Family and Circle.

Thank you for allowing Iron Sisters to become a part of your life and thank you for becoming a part of the Iron Sisters Family.

I wish you and your families the utmost in safety and health during this time of dynamic uncertainty with this virus.

In strength,

Iron Sisters